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This EBNF toolset creates fully linked HTML pages from your EBNF descriptions. It is implemented in Perl5 in OO-Perl style. You may provide your own visitors to manipulate the EBNF syntax tree. Since implemented in Perl, you may use it on Unix and MS-Windows platforms.

The toolset features:

  • fully linked HTML representation of your EBNF description
  • one-click navigation through the syntax tree
  • alphabetic index to productions
  • cross-linking all locations where a production/literal/terminal is used
  • list of literals
  • list of terminals
  • optional list of all lookahead-1 tokens per production
  • optional annotation of lookahead-1 ambiguities
  • check for missing EBNF productions
  • check for duplicated EBNF productions
EBNF Tools [ ebnf.tgz ]gzip/tarUnix:tar -xvzf ebnf.tgz
[ ebnf.zip ]zipWindows:winzip
meta syntax [ ebnf.txt ]textsource text
meta syntax [ ebnf.html ]HTMLcreated with ebnf2html
VHDL'93 [ vhdl.html ]HTMLcreated with ebnf2annot
Verilog 2001 [ verilog.html ]HTMLcreated with ebnf2annot
C++98, C++11 [ cpp11-iso.html ]HTMLcreated with ebnf2html
C++ Preprocessor [ cpp-iso-pp.html ]HTML

created with ebnf2annot

C#4.0, C#3.0, C#2.0, C#1.0

[ csharp.html ]HTML

created with ebnf2annot

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